Coaching services for employees 

Every single individual employee has a different background, life situation, different needs and different responsibilities at work. Therefore there are no standard solutions for supporting individual health and wellbeing. Common guidelines or campaigns don't work when sustained real change in daily life is needed.

Traditionally the challenge in companies' workplace wellness programs has been, how to get the right people to participate and how to get a good commitment to the process. We have solved this concrete problem with the individual aspect and coaching independent of time and place. This makes the threshold for participating low and drop out rate almost zero. Movendos coaching is very personal and the employees experience they are being heard.

We help to recognize the state and change of employee health. We promote working ability by offering them right timed support in the form of holistic, value and solution based coaching.



"We wanted to try individual Movendos coaching, because it was a clear respond for our needs. Our managers work separately in different units in different locations which makes common support challenging. What comes to the usage of time, it's also easier when the coaching meetings are agreed straight between the coach and the employee and the meetings don't require travelling.

Coaching areas are extensive and every single coachee gets a tailored content to the coaching, based on the holistic starting survey and discussion with the personal coach. This is why the coaching feels like own and the managers commit it easier. The participants have been thankful for the trust between them and the coach and the easy way for attending the remote coaching meetings where and when ever. The impact and results have been positive in the fields where the coaching has focused on individual level.

The cooperation with Movendos has been easy. The meetings have been easy to agree on and everything has proceeded well. From my aspect the coaching itself happens "in the background" and I don't need to worry about reservations for space, registrations or anything. Our cooperation with Movendos has been fluent and filled with trust. The ideology of this coaching concept works well!"

- Maarit Pelli, workplace wellness expert, SOK Hämeenmaa

From the model of early support to the model of instant support

In Finland most of the employers use the so called "model of early support". Unfortunately the idea is nice but practically it means that the employee gets support after several sick leave days, which of course causes huge costs not to mention the human aspect. Movendos has developed the model for instant support, where the employees are supported at early stage for instance in terms of individual health or life management needs.

The model of instant support is easy to get in use and it brings savings to costs related to health, life management or lack of commitment, but also related to the time of HR management. When ever needed, we cooperate tightly with occupational healthcare provider, when all stakeholders benefit from fluent exchange of data and services that complement each other

Effortless with impact

We have made the process very effortless and easy for HR management, whether the coaching is for one or 100 persons at any time. We have developed to logistics in a way, that the company management can focus on their core tasks and they get the impact reports from as a continuouss process as agreed. Our model is easy to integrate to any existing internal processes or to cooperation with occupational healthcare.

To prove the impact of our coaching we utilize our own secured screening and survey platform Movendos mSurvey, which in addition to the default content can be tailored based on the needs of a specific company and their staff.

Among our customers are some of the biggest employers in Finland:


Movendos coaching for companies in a nutshell

  • Fast and right timed individual support. We promise to start the coaching during 3 business days after registration
  • Very easy and effortless for the employer and HR management
  • Easy to conduct between the coach and the employee as a natural part of daily life
  • Easy to integrate to existing and future processes
  • Practical and concrete next step after screenings and surveys or as a constant service
  • Scalable and possible for anyone, the company defines the criteria for guiding to the coaching
  • The individual coaches are well experienced and carefully selected Movendos health coaches
  • Reporting of the impact and status every 3 months
  • Fair pricing based on the amount of started coachings, no other costs