Secured chat, messaging and remote appointments


Movendos mClinic enables fluent services both to the healthcare customers and professionals. Customers get an easy access to services, from any location and at any time. Professionals get easy to use tools and new possibilities for doing their work. 

The service is a secure communication channel for all external and internal  messaging, branded to the needs of the service provider. Movendos mClinic enables both urgent and non-urgent chat and messaging, also to the responsible contact person person named to the healthcare customer. The communication is possible with video calls, chat, or non-urgent messaging, depending on the need.





raataloitavyys_ikoni_v2 Communication from any place at any time

Chat with a doctor, nurse or any healthcare professional. Enables care need assessment, guiding to right services as well as care process itself.

raataloitavyys_ikoni Taylorable

The service can be branded and taylored to the needs of the healthcare service provider.

palveluohjaus_ikoni Urgent care queue

Need and symptom based urgent care queue fastens and optimizes customer service.

Secure service

The service fulfills the official requirements of authorities. The cloud service utilizes strong identification and is audited and updated regularly.

helppokayttoinen-videopuhelu_ikoni_v2 Video appointment

Video appointments based on time reservation or fluent moving to video appointment from chat based on need.

yksilo-ja-ryhmavalmennus_ikoni_v2 width=
Multiprofessional team and responsible contact persons

The non-urgent messaging can be directed to the responsible contact person of the healthcare customer. It's also easy to add other healthcare professionals to the conversation when ever needed.

Integrated to patient information system

With integration to patient information system the information and data of both healthcare customers and professionals and user rights are constantly up to date. No separate management of usernames.

digitaaliset-ratkaisut_ikoni 120x120
Fluent and easy to use

Easy to access and use with any device. Especially designed for mobile use.