Symptom and need based electronic time reservation system for healthcare

Movendos mBooking is a symptom and need based time reservation system, which guides healthcare customers to the right professional with a right kind of a time, at the right location or remotely. Fluent time reservation gives a good service experience to the customers and saves time and resources of professionals. The service is integrated with the patient information system.




"Our cooperation with Movendos has been invigorating and fluent for several years already.  Any development aspects of digital solutions have been considered together, user experiences have been taken into account, support has been available and accessibility excellent. Everything has been done as scheduled and agreed. Our cooperation with Movendos has been confidential, open and easy going. Movendos as a company has true will to develop things with their customers and partners”

- Birgitta Ojala, Pirte -



Guiding customer to the right professional based on the specific need and symptom makes customer experience better and professional work more efficient.
Managing appointment times in the calendar of patient information system. No new systems or user interfaces to the healthcare professional.
Fluent and effortless time reservation at any time and with any device. The work time reserved for phone reservations is freed to other customer service.
The system is taylored for the needs of the healthcare service provider, which enables more efficient guiding to right service paths and development of business.


ajanvaraus_ikoni Need based time reservation

Time reservation based on symptoms and needs to the healthcare customers.

raataloitavyys_ikoni Taylorable

Taylored and branded to the needs of the healthcare service provider. 

palveluohjaus_ikoniFluent guiding to services

Guiding to right services to the right professional. 

Specific directions

Automatic directions for each time reservation path and need.

tekstiviestivahvistus_ikoni Confirmations and reminders with sms

Confirmations and reminders of reserved times to the customer.

Cancellations online

The appointment times can be easily cancelled online with the reservation code.

Integrated to patient information system

REST-API integration. Management of appointment times in the calendar of patient information system.

digitaaliset-ratkaisut_ikoni 120x120
Fluent use

Cloud service easy to use with any device.