Open, trusted and easy going cooperation

”Our cooperation with Movendos has been invigorating and fluent for several years already. We have created and developed together several services like solutions for time reservation, remote appointments and health surveys. Any development aspects of digital solutions have been considered together, user experiences have been taken into account, support has been available and accessibility excellent. Everything has been done as scheduled and agreed. Our cooperation with Movendos has been confidential, open and easy going. Movendos as a company has true will to develop things with their customers and partners 

Birgitta Ojala, Pirte (earlier Tullinkulma Occupational Health)

Customer needs are listened well

”Thank you for actively developing mSurvey tool and listening to customer's needs. We value this a lot! All new development has happened in a fast schedule! Too often before you we have faced products and services that are not ready and usable and where constant development is not available. With Movendos everything works, which is great!

- Terhi Oijala, Kouvola Occupational Healthcare


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Support for managers in different locations

"We wanted to try individual Movendos coaching, because it was a clear respond for our needs. Our managers work separately in different units in different locations which makes common support challenging. What comes to the usage of time, it's also easier when the coaching meetings are agreed straight between the coach and the employee and the meetings don't require travelling.

Coaching areas are extensive and every single coachee gets a tailored content to the coaching, based on the holistic starting survey and discussion with the personal coach. This is why the coaching feels like own and the managers commit it easier. The participants have been thankful for the trust between them and the coach and the easy way for attending the remote coaching meetings where and when ever. The impact and results have been positive in the fields where the coaching has focused on individual level.

The cooperation with Movendos has been easy. The meetings have been easy to agree on and everything has proceeded well. From my aspect the coaching itself happens "in the background" and I don't need to worry about reservations for space, registrations or anything. Our cooperation with Movendos has been fluent and filled with trust. The ideology of this coaching concept works well!"

- Maarit Pelli, workplace wellness expert, SOK Hämeenmaa

There is a clear need for professional support independent of time and place

”The Finnish Association of Allergy, Skin and Asthma has started remote courses for supporting people with asthma. There is a clear need for association services which are independent of time and place. When we add here professional and peer group support, the package servers the participant in the best possible way.

Movendos mCoach has been an easy to use platform of remote coaching both for our professionals and participants. It has helped people to commit for small daily tasks. The cooperation with Movendos has worked well. What ever we ask, we get the respond quickly.”

- Anu Sauliala, Finnish Association of Allergy, Skin and Asthma


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Improving life management with individual remote support between meetings

"The Autism Foundation of Finland has utilized mCoach remote platform for individual coaching since spring 2016. We want to develop our services based on our customer needs and therefore to find new ways for coaching and support. Remote coaching has been carried our in our different services in the coaching center, housing services and rehabilitation. mCoach has helped concrete steps towards goals between rehabilitation meetings. It has clearly helpded our professionals to support increasing customers' responsibility levels and independence. We have used tailored remote tasks and messaging for example to promote finishing studies or for being able to start or continue working.

We will continue offering and developing remote support for different customers. The professional background of our coaches has varied from social services to psychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Movendos is always interested in customer needs and they are eager to develop their services in a flexible way."

- Sanna Kara, Service designer, Autism Foundation of Finland