In this video the employees involved in Movendos Health Coaching from different industries tell about their experiences.


Feedback from customer companies

"We wanted to offer our employees a new way to stop to think about their life balance and health and small deeds promoting them. Everything in a company starts from individual wellbeing. This is why we in the management wanted to show, how important we think this is. The individual Movendos Health Coaching based on secured remote coaching meetings is an example of a good process, which can be utilized as a permanent service model."

HR director, Technology industry

"We have got good and positive feedback both of the coaching and the Movendos coaches. The coaching concept has been considered successful and the interaction between the employee and the coach practical and well functioning."

HR manager, Technology industry

"From the occupational healthcare's aspect, the coaching was easy to start and each individual coaching started quickly after registration. The participants felt they got individual support to change life habits and to increase daily resources for life and work. Based on our still on going experience I can recommend this coaching."

The managing nurse of an integrated occupational healthcare in a technology company


Feedback from employees

"I started to reflect myself quite deeply. I noticed that for the first time in my life I truly stopped to think by myself, why I have given up and forgotten certain things in my life. Why have I let my work life keep me in such a rush, that I haven’t had the energy to do things I used to like. Surprisingly, the coach was like a mirror. I didn’t get any ready made instructions, no one told me to do this or that. The coach was a human being who was very well present, asking the right kind of questions."

"The starting point of the coaching was not in getting instructions for what to do or what not to do. It was all about what I wanted myself. We started to work on change in a soft way. This is a very good coaching program, because it gives a good grip on your own change and how to increase own wellbeing. Targets were set and taken care of. As a result my weight decreased remarkably and my energy levels rised, which I have enjoyed a lot."

”During the coaching I changed my physical activity from zero times a week to four times a week. I also quit smoking and I have spent more time with people, who mean a lot to me. I also started meditating.”

”I have had more energy and I’m able to organize my work and private life better.”

”I have been much more lively and productive during work days. With the coach we discussed a lot about stress management. Doing one’s best is enough, none of us are super human beings at work. A good portion of sleep and exercise helps also with stress management.”

”In the beginning of the coaching didn’t believe I would continue in my present job after 6 months. However, during the coaching I was able to increase my overall life management and I feel I’m not facing similar challenges anymore.”

”I felt good after the coaching meetings. The good and experienced attitude of the coach was effecting my own essence, attitude and mood in a positive way. This created happier feelings also at the work place which was visible for the company staff as well.”

”My coach asked questions, which made me find out the responses myself. For more it was brilliant, that the coaching focused on essential things like the balance of sleep and exercise and how important these factors are in life habit change.”